Pompeii guided tour for Kids 2,5 hours

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  • Place: Pompeii
  • Duration: 2,5 hours
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Meet our licensed guide nearby the entrance of Pompeii site in Amphitheater square (he/she will be holding a sign with your name on it to be recognized), skip the line to get the tickets and start to enjoy a two hours and half guided walking tour tailor made for families with kids.

Our guided tour starts from the Amphitheater Gate. Like a time machine we pass immediately from year 2021 to 79 AD. We enter first the Gladiator’s gym, where they trained and today the remains of food found on the site are exhibited: bread, legumes, olives, amphorae with oil and wine and even the cork soles of the sandals. From there we head directly to the amphitheater: imagining the street vendors outside, the stands full with the crowd cheering on the gladiators. Just like today at the stadium, there were different sectors, the politicians and the rich in the lower part and the plebs in the upper steps. Leaving the amphitheater, we head to Giulia Felice’s house who rented some rooms in her Domus, the first Bed & Breakfast in the history!!! Continuing our walk, we reach the garden of the fugitives, where among the rows of vines, several bodies were found, entire families fleeing surprised by the rain of ash and lapilli. Leaving the garden, we will observe in the street, the electoral inscriptions in support of the candidates for the next elections, the fountains and the furrows of the wagons, and then we will reach the Casa del Menandro, rich in frescoes and mosaics, with a beautiful garden. We do not fully describe it to leave you a little curious !!! Step by step we’ll arrive on via dell’abbondanza, the commercial street of Pompeii, with a lot of shops, among them an old laundry, the Termopolium, a shop with ovens for take-away food. Our visit will end in the Roman Forum, the main square of Pompeii end the temple of Venus with its stunning view on the top of the ancient cliff.

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Cultural · Walking tour · For Families
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Gladiators’ Gym, Amphitheater, Villa of Julia Felix, Garden of the Fugitives, House of Menander, Abundancy road, Public Baths, Forum, Temple of Venus